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Neighborhood Groups In Action

quilt, garment, accessory, decor, embroidery, and fiber arts
Let your creativity be your guide.

The Inland Empire Chapter has 6 Neighborhood Groups that meet monthly.  The groups each feature different projects and programs.

January 2023

12 Months Challenge
Supporting and Encouraging each other all year!

12 Mo Challenge Christina.jpg
12 Mo Challenge Sunny.jpg
12 Mo Challenge Judy 2.jpg

Leader Christina in her Covid hand sewn bias vest adorned with Sashiko embroidery.  Sunny sharing two lovely top down, drop tail (longer in the back) knit tops.   Judy sewed this travel tote by hand when Covid isolated while on a cruise to the Mediterranean.  Fabric and materials were purchased in Spain.

Connect with new and old friends while enjoying a no-stress challenge!

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